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World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity Platform

This initiative seeks to deliver a unique cybersecurity strategic intelligence blueprint to improve transparency, visibility and enable trust across digital ecosystems, globally and across different industries.

Information has become the most important asset in today’s world, redefining the competitiveness and resilience of businesses and governments, and powering the everyday lives of people around the world. In the digital age, information is primarily stored and shared through cyberspace, connecting mission-critical systems and assets across industry supply chains. To this end, the cyber resilience of organizations has become the core defining factor of their overall business resilience, making cyberspace a primary target for malicious activity.

Globally, there is no trusted authority on cyber resilience benchmarking and strategic insights.

This initiative proposes a collaborative and innovation-led approach, that convenes leaders and experts across various industries, academia, civil societies, and international organisations to establish a global trusted source of Cybersecurity strategic insights.

Key objectives will be centred around:

  • Increasing visibility and transparency Cybersecurity of practices within digital ecosystems
  • Benchmarking across industries and regions and identify opportunities for alignment
  • Amplifying meaningful strategic insights and trends both at an industry and regional level