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What is Cyber Polygon

Cyber Polygon is a unique cybersecurity event that combines the world's largest technical training on cybersecurity for corporate teams, an online conference with the participation of senior officials from international organizations and global corporations, and expert talks featuring leading specialists in practical cybersecurity.

Every year, the training brings together a wide range of global businesses and government structures while the online conference draws in millions of spectators from across the world.

2021 results

More than 7 million people from 78 countries tuned in to watch the Cyber Polygon online conference. 200 organizations from 48 countries took part in the technical training.

A comprehensive report with detailed results of Cyber Polygon 2021 is available here.

Cyber Polygon in 2022

This year, the central theme of the event will be Digital Resilience in the Cloud Age. To maintain the high pace of transformation, organizations are moving IT systems to the cloud en masse. But for all their convenience, cloud services are blurring the company perimeter. Security risks are growing, with cybercriminals actively exploiting vulnerabilities in new cloud environments.

During the online conference, speakers from across the world will discuss how to maintain business continuity and develop safely in the cloud era. At the technical training, participants will practice the role of the response team in a targeted attack on a company's hybrid cloud infrastructure. The expert talks will feature cybersecurity specialists to speak about the latest trends in cyberattacks, supply chain protection, cloud service security, etc.

For the first time, some hands-on materials will be available to prepare for the training. Beginning in early spring, everyone will get the opportunity to refine their incident investigation skills based on the tasks from Cyber Polygon 2021.

The event will be held online on July 8. You are welcome to join the training! For further details, visit the event’s website.